Anxiety In Motherhood

Understand Symptoms, Impact, and How to Manage Anxiety


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Here's what you'll learn:

  • What exactly anxiety is, and how it looks like in motherhood (because it's not the same as other life stages)
  • The main symptoms of anxiety to watch out for, and how to know if what you're feeling is normal or not
  • How anxiety is impacting you, and how it might be impacting your family
  • How to manage anxiety so that it stops robbing you of being in the moment and enjoying this stage of your life.

Sound like something you need?

What I want you to know about anxiety...

Almost all moms experience anxiety symptoms at some point, but not everyone is impacted in the same way. It's not so much the symptoms that concern me, but it's more about how anxiety gets in the way of the life you really want to have. That's what matters most.

Anxiety takes you out of the present moment. It puts you on edge so you're more likely to be irritable and angry. And above all, it highjacks your brain so that you're more stressed and worried than you really need to be, and that takes away from how much you can enjoy this stage you're in.

The thing is, there is so much that you can learn to manage how you're feeling and I want you to know that anxiety does not have to define these early years with your kids. Come watch my masterclass and I know you'll feel like you've got a plan moving forward.

*You'll get instant video access when you sign-up

Hey, I'm Kate!

I work as a mental health therapist for moms, I'm the Founder of the Canadian Perinatal Wellness Collective, and I also create resources for moms all over the world to help with mental health.

I help women deal with anxiety on a daily basis - so I know how hard this is to live with, yet I ALSO know that there's a way to feel a lot better! Change can happen fast!

If you're feeling like you might be dealing with anxiety, then this workshop will help you feel so much more in control and at ease. See you there!

What Mom's Say About The Workshop

I am so confident that you will leave this workshop feeling so much more validated, less alone, and with a clear plan forward. But don't just take my word for it ... here's what other moms shared.


Ready to take a step toward feeling calm, present and like yourself again?

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*You'll get instant video access when you sign-up

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