Moms are chronically stressed, burnt out, and bare an unrealistic burden on their shoulders. Overwhelm has somehow become synonymous with mom-life, and I'm here to change that.

You're also bombarded with information through social media, but you're missing the most important element of healing: the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice.

At MOMent, we prioritize connection, practice, and consistency so that you can truly find your calm amongst the storm of modern motherhood (rather than just learning about it!).

A Members-Only Community for Moms

MOMent is designed for the modern mom who feels that pressure to do it all (and do it all very well) but constantly feels overwhelmed, disconnected, and anxious. This is the ideal community for you if:


You're constantly burnt-out and stressed , BUT you know deep down that you could feel way better.


You desire more heart-based learning, connection and growth rather than the constant brainy "tips and tricks" that the internet constantly throws at you.


You find yourself frustrated that you're not implementing the tools that you've learned. You want to make time for things like meditation and journaling, but you seem to skip it day after day.

How MOMent Works

When you join MOMent, you'll instantly be connected to the community and all the content that exists in it. Think of this as a stand-alone app (like Facebook) but it's JUST for moms like you.

You decide what you participate in based on your unique needs. When you join, there'll be library of resource like meditations and introductory lessons to the different tools that we use.

You'll also see a list of recurring and unique events each month, and this is where the magic really happens!


1. Enroll In Moment

2. Download the App

3. Start connecting with other moms and enjoying the resource library

4. View the upcoming live sessions you'd like to attend

5. To join the live sessions, just open the app and click the session!

What's Included?

The MOMent community offers many opportunities for you to engage in wellness practices that will help you manage anxiety and stress of motherhood. This means that you need to pick and choose what feels most helpful for you.

Here's what's inside MOMent:

Weekly LIVE Guided Meditations

Reconnect with your calm and grounded self through live guided meditation.

These weekly sessions (led by Kate) are tailored to the unique stressors that moms face and will help you soothe your nervous system and find your centre.

Weekly LIVE Tapping (EFT)

Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique) has been proven to reduce anxiety and overwhelm, and support your nervous system.

Learning this tool (and practicing it consistently) can massively improve your feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. There'll be weekly live Tapping sessions.

Monthly LIVE Reflection + Journaling

Each month I'll guide you through reflection and journalling processes to deepen your connection to self, and ability to tune into your unique needs.

The monthly themes will be related to the most common challenges of modern motherhood. Thede are very powerful sessions!

Monthly LIVE Expert Interview Plus Q+A

Each month we'll bring in a leader from the motherhood realm to help you deepen your growth even further.

By watching and participating in these live sessions, you'll feel inspired, hopeful, and leave with tangible tips to stay connected to yourself through the storms of motherhood.

You'll also get instant access to an entire resource library and a bank of recorded sessions to use at any time.


  • 20 Guided Meditations for mom-related challenges (like anger, overwhelm, worry, self-doubt, self-criticism, insomnia, etc).
  • Self-Care Workbook and tracker
  • Affirmation Cards
  • Intro guide to meditation and tapping (EFT)
  • Recommended books and further resources

Join Moment Today!

Your Community Hub for Anxiety-Management and Stress Reduction for the Modern Mom

  • Weekly Live Meditations
  • Weekly Live Tapping
  • Monthly Live Reflection + Journaling
  • Monthly Live Guest Interview
  • 20+ On-Demand Meditations
  • 20+ On-Demand Tapping Sessions
  • Resource Library


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Your Host: Kate Borsato