Moms are chronically stressed, burnt out, and bare an unrealistic burden on their shoulders. Overwhelm has become synonymous with mom-life.

You're also bombarded with information online. You know what will soothe your anxiety, but you're missing the most important element of healing: the space to put that knowledge into practice - and a tribe of like-minded moms to be there along the way.

At Unwind, we prioritize connection, practice, and consistency so that you can truly find your calm amongst the storm of modern motherhood (rather than passively learning about it!).

A Members-Only Community for Moms

Unwind is designed for the modern mom who feels that pressure to do it all (and do it all very well) but constantly feels overwhelmed, disconnected, and anxious. This is the ideal community for you if:


You're constantly burnt-out, anxious and stressed , BUT you know deep down that you could feel way better.


You desire more heart-based learning, connection and growth rather than the constant brainy "tips and tricks" that the internet throws at you.


You're frustrated that you're not implementing the tools that you've already learned. You want to make time for things like meditation but you seem to skip it day after day.


You want access to affordable and consistent mental health support but traditional options like therapy are expensive, unsustainable, and maybe not possible for your family right now.


Your IRL support system might not be meeting your needs. You've reached out on social media for help but feel like you get lost in a sea of thousands of others online.

How Unwind Works

When you join Unwind, you'll instantly be connected to the community and all the video and audio content that exists in it. Think of this as a stand-alone app (like Facebook) but it's JUST for moms who are going through the exact same things as you are.

You decide what you participate in based on your unique needs. When you join, there'll be a library of resources like meditations, deep-dive audio lessons, and Q+A recordings to learn from.

You'll also see a list of recurring and unique events each month - this is where the magic really happens!


1. Enroll In Unwind.

2. Download the App (or use your browser)

3. Start enjoying the resource library and connecting with other moms (if you wish).

4. Explore mental health topics (like postpartum anxiety or boundaries) and dive into areas that are relevant for you.

5. View the upcoming live sessions you'd like to attend.

What's Included?

The Unwind community offers many opportunities for you to engage in mental wellness practices that will help you manage anxiety and stress of motherhood. You'll also have the chance to get to the root of common challenges of this stage of motherhood, and connect with other moms who are in the same place.

Unwind is a flexible, mom-centered space where you choose what feels most helpful for you. This is your time and your space. Here's what's inside:

Weekly LIVE Guided Meditations

Reconnect with your calm and grounded self through live guided meditation.

These weekly live sessions (led by Kate) are tailored to the unique stressors that moms face and will help you soothe your nervous system and find your center.

On Demand Tapping Sessions (EFT)

Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique) has been proven to reduce anxiety and overwhelm, and support your nervous system.

Learning this tool (and practicing it consistently) can massively improve your feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

Monthly Audio Lessons

There are common challenges that impact every mom I know. Anxiety, relationship stress, self-worth, comparison, in-law struggles, to name a few.

Twice a month I'll upload a podcast-style audio lesson (with tangible tools) to guide you through these sticking points while keeping your joy and sanity intact.

Weekly Support From Kate

In this community, your questions and concerns are prioritized. You'll get to guide a lot of the content by asking specific questions and sharing where you need more support.

I'll hop into the group regularly to answer your questions.

Plus, explore topics that matter

Forget scrolling endlessly or mining the internet to find what you need. You already have a crapload of new responsibilities, you don't have time for that.

In Unwind, I've organized the info into topics (like mom-rage, creating boundaries, or anxiety tools) that come up for mothers again and again. I'll keep adding as needed.

You'll be able to go straight to the area that you need help with, see what support is already there, and connect with others who are in a similar place as you. You can start your own conversations with other members, you can create your own polls or posts, and ask questions to the group.

In this space, YOU get to initiate conversation too.

Have a particular question or a challenge? Post about it. Want to keep chatting with that person who you connected with? Message them!

This can all happen on this platform. Community makes all the difference. Difficult experiences become so much lighter when we feel seen, supported, and understood.

You'll also get instant access to an entire resource library and a bank of recorded sessions to use at any time.


  • 20+ Guided Meditation, Breathwork + Tapping Sessions for mom-related challenges (like anger, overwhelm, worry, self-doubt, self-criticism, insomnia, etc).
  • Intro tutorials to meditation, tapping (EFT), and breathwork.
  • 25+ Expert video interviews about wellness in motherhood
  • Audio Lessons from Kate
  • Recommended books and further resources
  • Member-led book club


Your voice is no longer lost in a sea of thousands of other people.

Have you ever asked an important question to a trusted account on Instagram but never heard back? I know that thousands of DMs go without a response, and that can be disheartening for those who reach out.

In Unwind, your questions will be answered. Your attempts for connection will land. Your need for support, and guidance will be met in an affordable and sustainable way. Your people are waiting—a whole community of them!

Why I created Unwind

Hey friends, I'm Kate, a mom of two daughters, and a mental heath therapist for moms. My work over the last few years offers me the stark truth that moms are struggling right now. This is a very hard time to parent, especially if you have young kids.

I'm grateful to support so many folks online through Instagram, online courses and workshops, but what I love most is the smaller settings where we can sit in the same "space" (even if it's a Zoom room) and connect.

While I love social media, I also find that your voice can get lost. The massive number of people looking for support, validation, and connection speaks to the fact that you are not alone with what you're going through as a mom. But you still might feel alone because you lack the consistent interaction, adequate listening ears, and personal guidance.

Maybe you've reached out but never heard back. Maybe you feel validated and seen but you never get to the next step. Maybe you know what you need to do but have no community, inspiration or accountability to help you stay on track.

I love working with moms who are ready to stand in their power and reclaim their wellness. Who aren't afraid to invest a little bit of time and resources so that they can live a great life and feel well. Who know that investing in themselves is also investing in their family.

This community attracts those who are ready to take action.  How could your life look six months, one year, or five years down the road if you make a dent and start doing the work now?



What's the cancellation policy?

No sneaky business happening here. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

My kids are not babies... will this still help?

Yes! Unwind is for moms with kids of any age.

What if I can't make the live sessions? Is it still worth it?

100%. The live sessions are just one of many different components to this program. There are plenty of on-demand sessions, audio lessons, and a rolling Q+A (among other resources) so you'll certainly feel supported.

Join Unwind for just $17 a month!

Your Community Hub for Anxiety-Management and Stress Reduction for the Modern Mom

  • Weekly Live Meditations
  • Monthly Audio lessons on common mental health topics voted by community
  • On-Going Q+A with Kate
  • Connection + Community with other moms
  • 25+ On-Demand Meditations, tapping sessions, guided relaxations and other anxiety-management tools.
  • Growing resource library