How To Overcome Scary + Intrusive Thoughts



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You'll Learn:

  • Why strange, scary, or disturbing thoughts seem to pop into your mind for no apparent reason.
  • When intrusive thoughts are totally normal versus when they're a sign that you need to get help.
  • Why these thoughts are so common in motherhood.
  • How to deal with these thoughts (so that they don't consume you or interfere with your life).
  • How to get back to enjoying the stage of motherhood that you're in!

What I Want You To Know...

Almost all moms (and pregnant women) experience what are called "intrusive thoughts."

These are disturbing images or ideas that burst into your mind unexpectedly. These thoughts are unwanted and usually depict something unsettling happening to you or your baby.

These thoughts can be incredibly upsetting, disturbing, and worrisome which is why few people actually talk about them!

I'm here to tell you that they're more common in pregnancy and motherhood than you think (seriously, it's not just you!). In this workshop, I'm jumping straight in so that you can understand why these thoughts happen and in turn, find some relief.

This is a recorded version of the workshop that I often run live.

I want you to be able to sit back and learn. I've gotcha!

*You'll get instant video access when you sign-up

Hey, I'm Kate!

I work as a mental health therapist British Columbia, and I also create resources for moms all over the world to improve their adjustment to motherhood.

I help women deal with scary and unpleasant thoughts on a daily basis - so I know how hard this is to live with, yet I ALSO know that there's a way to feel a lot better! Change can happen fast!

If you're feeling bothered by the thoughts you've been having lately, then this workshop will help you feel so much more in control and at ease. See you there!

What Mom's Say About The Workshop

I am so confident that you will leave this workshop feeling so much more validated, less alone, and with a clear plan forward. But don't just take my word for it ... here's what other moms shared.


Ready To Say Goodbye To Intrusive Thoughts?

Join me in this workshop and learn skills and perspective that will help you feel calm, confident, and like yourself again.

*You'll get instant video access when you sign-up