How To Share The Load of Parenting

Learn how to create balance, fairness, and collaboration as you parent your little ones, and let go of underlying resentment and frustration.


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With Kate Borsato

Kate is a therapist and educator for moms, and leads thousands of parents to find balance, joy, connection, and mental wellness despite the many challenges that come with parenthood.

You feel like the bulk of the parenting responsibilities fall to you. You’re resentful, tired and burnt out. Learn how to communicate your needs, share the burden equally, and feel relieved to have a game plan that actually works.

This Workshop Is For You If...

  • You struggle to let go of control: Control challenges can show up in many ways: scorekeeping, micromanaging, perfectionism and needing things to be done your way are some of the most common. Chances are these habits have you feeling seriously drained.
  • You resent that you’re doing it all: You’re the one who researched the quarantine crafts. It’s you who shops for birthday gifts, answers teacher emails, books the check-ups and searches for new family dinner recipes. When the little things all add up, resentment bubbles over.  
  • The arguments are non-stop: From small passive aggressive comments to full-blown arguments, the tense moments between you and your partner aren’t exactly few and far between. That “what’s happening to us,” feeling can be just as stressful as the fights.

Here's What You'll Learn:

How to Create A Feeling of Fairness

I’m not talking about tallying the diaper changes and making sure they’re even. It’s more about learning how to approach your family together, as a team, so that you are both feeling supported, appreciated, and balanced.

Effective Communication Skills

Knowing how to check in, address your concerns respectfully, and navigate those sensitive conversations is key. You’ll learn constructive communication skills in order to steer you toward feeling like a team again.

Identify Signs of Depletion

How do you feel when you’re reaching full capacity? (Do you even know??) In this workshop, I teach you to tune into what your inner guide is trying to tell you so that you can offload *before* the breakdown happens.

Your Workshop Host: Kate Borsato

Hey, I'm Kate! I work as a mental health therapist and educator for moms and parents, I run a maternal mental health therapy collective, and I also support parents online with accessible resources and tools just like this workshop. 

I'm a mom of two young daughters, and I know first hand how difficult it is to figure out how to be parents and keep your relationship in tact at the time time. Finding balance feels impossible.

I've dedicated my career to helping moms and families with challenges like anxiety, relationship stress, and finding joy and fulfillment after becoming parents. With the right knowledge, skills and supports, you can absolutely find balance, equality, and mutual appreciation in your relationship, no matter how many parenting demands come your way.

So happy to support you,



Have a Question? Try these FAQ's

1. Do I have to show up live to the workshop?

Nope. You're are a busy family and the last thing you need is another time-sensitive appointment.

2. What is the format of the workshop? What can I expect?

I find that a combination of me sharing slides with information as well as plenty of examples, plus me teaching alongside this is more helpful for parents. You can just hit play on the video whenever you have a moment.

3. Can my partner watch too?

Oh of course! I encourage that, actually.

4. Can I buy this now and watch it later?

Yup, you bet. Many people will actually watch it over again in the future too. It's great to have this on hand for when you need to brush up on the material again down the road.

5. Do I need to take notes, or is there a hand out to help keep track of key info?

I'll share a cheatsheet with the workshop outline and key pieces of info with you so that you don't have to worry about jotting down everything I said.