Stress Less About Baby's Sleep

Manage Your Anxiety, Anger, and Overwhelm About Your Child's Sleep



Stress Less About Baby's Sleep

Manage Your Anxiety, Anger, and Overwhelm About Your Child's Sleep

Imagine less anxiety, frustration, and time wasted on sleep stress, and more time spent being present with your child. It's totally possible.

Any of these sound familiar?

"It feels like my child is the worst sleeper of all the kids I know"

"I am spending way too much time worrying about her sleep, and tracking everything... I'm on edge all the time and not really enjoying this stage."

"It's like I'm obsessed with my baby's sleep and it's taking over our lives. I wish I could care less about it"

"I have tried everything to fix the sleep issues but nothing is working, I feel like I'm going to lose my sh*t"

"I feel so guilty because I get mad at my baby for waking me up... I know that's not right but I feel so overwhelmed"

You're not alone if you thought that you'd be a calm, relaxed and patient parent. But the one thing that seems to tip you over the edge is sleep. Or lack thereof.

You're desperate for sleep to be better because let's face it, you're freaking exhausted. You have tried so many different strategies, read all the sleep books and follow all the sleep accounts on Instagram, but it's not really helping, is it?

Sleep is consuming so much of your mental space, that it's starting to feel like too much. Obsessive even.

You worry about naps, how bedtime will go, how many night wakings there will be. And even when your child is sound asleep, you worry about when they're going to wake up and need you again.

Maybe you're scared to leave the house for too long in case it throws off naptime. Or you feel like everything has to be just right in order to optimize the chance of your baby finally sleeping well.

And most days, you feel really upset and worried about how sleep is going.

You go between feeling hopeless and stuck, to feeling angry and impatient. Maybe you find yourself saying things that you don't feel proud of, or not showing up in the most gentle and understanding way toward your child.

And I think what's most important here is that you don't want to feel this way anymore. You don't want to be angry, anxious, and hyper-focused on sleep. But you don’t know what needs to shift. You know by now that you can't force your little one to sleep.

What would it be like if you didn't have so much stress about your baby's sleep? Just imagine these scenarios for a minute...

  • You go with the flow with naps without feeling like your day is ruined when things don't go to plan.

  • You stay calm, kind, and patient toward your baby even when sleep seems like a disaster.

  • You can easily focus on your baby and their needs, rather than getting consumed by what ifs, worries, and rigid rules around sleep.

  • You feel relaxed as night rolls around, rather than dreading the sleeplessness and interruptions that may be in store

  • You feel hopeful about how sleep is going, and trust that it won't feel hard forever.

  • You trust yourself that even on hard days, you can still be the mom you want to be.

You can learn to feel calm, patient, and more at ease even when naps, nighttime and sleep routines feel chaotic.

I want to introduce you to my online program

Stress Less About Baby's Sleep:

Manage Your Anxiety, Anger, and Overwhelm About Your Child's Sleep

Stress Less About Baby's Sleep is a self-paced online program to help you step back from the stress and anxiety around your child's sleep, and get back to enjoying this stage that you're in.

And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with how your child sleeps.

In fact, this is the only program of its kind that doesn't involve any tips for kids, because the way I see it, you can't actually control when, how, or if they sleep.

But you know what? You do have a massive amount of control about how it all impacts you. You just need to learn the skills to tap into that ability.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Understand why sleep is feeling impossible (hint: it's not you or your baby)
  • Learn about the impact that unrealistic and shaming expectations about sleep have on your mental health
  • Recognize symptoms of anxiety and OCD and how these might be showing up for you
  • Understand why you're hard-wired to obsess over your baby (and how to actually work with this system)
  • Build awareness of your unhelpful thought processes that are worsening sleep anxiety
  • Explore how the current sleep culture is perpetuating anxiety and other mental health challenges for parents.
  • Learn key mindset perspectives that can either amplify anxiety, or help reduce it.
  • Understand your nervous system, and why you're quick to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and angry.
  • Learn tools to regulate your (and your baby's) nervous system to help you manage in-the-moment emotions.
  • Connect with your values, and re-adjust your vision of this short stage in life.

In this course, I'll teach you how to shift the focus away from what your child is or isn't doing, unhook from the endless worries and frustration that circle around sleep, and help you feel so much more calm, patient, and free.

Because that's how you truly want to feel in this season of motherhood, isn't it?

I weave in evidence-based tools that help you change the way you're relating to this issue of sleep, so that even if nothing on the outside changes, everything on the inside feels so much better.

With this approach, you'll be able to take the pressure off your baby - allowing for disappointment, frustration, anger and resentment to melt away.

And when that happens, you're able to tap back into your patience, compassion and loving way of being with your child.

You'll leave this program feeling so validated, hopeful, and prepared with new and effective strategies to start using right away.


Hey, I'm Kate

I'm a perinatal mental health therapist, mom of two daughters, and founder of the Canadian Perinatal Wellness Collective.

I am the first to acknowledge that sleep is a massive part of your experience as a parent, and directly linked to your mental health. I'll never tell you that sleep doesn't matter.

I was in your shoes not too long ago. With my first baby I remember feeling like everything hinged on my kids "sleep performance" and I felt devastated when it didn't go to plan.

I dreaded nights. I couldn't fall asleep even when my baby did. I was pissed that my husband slept (snored) soundly. And the worst of it was that the longer I stayed awake night after night, the more my anxiety about sleeplessness grew. This really got in the way of me just going with the flow and enjoying the things right in front of me.

It wasn't until specializing in perinatal mental health (and trying again with baby #2) that I could see how my own thinking patterns, expectations, and perfectionism were hurting me.

This time around, I went about sleep completely differently. It's not that my second child miraculously slept any better, but I approached the situation with a different mindset, and different tools that helped me unhook from this feeling that I was failing, my baby was failing, and that everything "should" be different.

I learned to surrender to the hard parts. To shift my focus to thing that actually made me happy rather than things that stressed me out.

I opted out of the b.s. Pressure placed on both me and my baby made me feel terrible about myself. I let go of the fight. I learned that I wasn't crazy and that nothing was wrong with me.

Through my own experience as a mom and in my career supporting parents across the globe, I learned a skill-set to manage anxiety and overwhelm about baby's sleep, and figured out how to reconnect with joy instead.

Sleep went from being the most important thing (and biggest stressor), to just one part of a much bigger season of motherhood which I could actually enjoy.

Here's What's Included In The Course

I designed this course with busy moms in mind! You'll get audio lessons (for on-the-go learning), an actionable workbook, and full transcription so that it's accessible and easy to digest. Because the last thing your tired brain needs is a dense material and a heavy workload, right?

9 Audio Lessons

In these lessons, I teach you how to manage the stress and overwhelm that is surrounding sleep in your family. You can download the lessons and listen on the go!

Worksheets + Lesson Summary

The workbook helps you take your learning to the next level. And sometimes you need a quick highlight reel to review new information, so I've created cheat-sheets with the key points from each lesson.

I've also included a full course transcript for those who need, or want to read instead.

Here's A Peek At The Course Outline

You'll get access to the entire course as soon as you purchase! Here's a look at the different lessons and video lengths.

1 - It feels hard because it IS hard (14mins). Learn about why your struggles with sleep are totally valid. You're not just bad at this: it is truly a hard season.

2 - A Sleep Culture Of Worry And Stress (16mins). Explore the cultural pressure around sleep and how this exacerbates your anxiety and worry.

3 - What Sleep Anxiety Looks Like (13mins). Understand symptoms of anxiety, and how this can show up around sleep.

4 - Getting Honest With Yourself: Self-Assessment (10mins). Explore how sleep stress is impacting you life in different areas. Identify your goals.

5 - Redefine What “Normal” Looks Like (24mins). Reset expectations about sleep by learning more about normal sleep stats. You'll feel validated here!

6 - Unhelpful Thinking Patterns (15mins). Identify those thinking habits that actually keep us stuck in anxiety and stress (especially while sleep-deprived in the wee hours).

7 - Challenge Your Thinking And Mindset (20mins). Learn new thinking skills and mindset shifts that will transform how this whole sleep issue affects you.

8 - Staying Calm When Sleep Isn’t Going Well (23mins). Sometimes sleep feels so frustrating, that it's hard not to lose your cool. This lesson teaches you how to stay calm.

9 - Extra Tips To Reduce Sleep Anxiety (23mins). Learn more ideas to help you reclaim your peace, and sense of calm as you navigate these early years with your family.

You can join the course for just $57.

Yup. For real.

  • 9 Audio Lessons
  • Course Workbook (30 + pages)
  • Lesson Cheat Sheets
  • Full Transcript
  • Instant + Lifetime Access
  • All Future Updates

* Plus... a Course Bonus! *

When you purchase the course Stress Less About Baby's Sleep, you'll also get access to my workshop, Managing Insomnia in Motherhood.

What I often see is that moms who are stressed about how their baby is sleeping, also struggle to sleep themselves. So I want to make sure you have that resources at your fingertips too.

I'll add this to your purchase at no extra price!


ALL PRICES IN USD. You will receive all content instantly after signing up, but you will have lifetime access and can go through the course whenever you’d like.

Your Questions, Answered...

What's the time commitment?

You're a mom, life is FULL! I designed the audio lessons so that you can listen to them in small bites, here and there. Each lesson is between 10-25 minutes. There's 9 lessons total.

The workbook can be done as you listen to the lessons, or afterwards when you find time. And, you can return to lessons any time.

I'm hard of hearing. What are my options?

I have included a full transcript of the audio lessons, that can be found in the main course dashboard once you purchase.

The lessons are transcribed as they are, so it reads in the same way that I teach and speak.

Is this the same as what you offer on Instagram?

Nope, not at all.

I love Instagram and sharing information wherever I can, but I barely scratch the surface with what I teach on my blog, social media channels, and free workshops. This course is a major deep dive and gives you all you need, in one place.

How long do I have to complete the course?

As long as you want!

You'll have lifetime access to the course, as well as all the updates that I make going forward.

Mom life is full, so go at your own pace.

Is this just for moms with babies?

No, it's not. This program is for moms who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed about how sleep is going.

I give many examples of the things you might feel with babies, but the strategies that work are the same no matter how old your kids are.

Can I find this info other places online?

I haven't seen it yet.

Most sleep resources are all about teaching you ways to get your baby to sleep better.

This program has nothing to do with your child. It's all about teaching you skills to manage the stress and transform how you are thinking about the season you're in.

Ready to Join Stress Less About Baby's Sleep?

For just $57, you can give yourself the gift of calm, confidence, and acceptance during this tough season of motherhood.

I'm ready!

Anxiety and frustration don't have to cloud these moments with your child.

Even if it's hard to imagine not feeling stressed and frustrated when sleep doesn't go as you'd hoped, there are ways to feel so much more relaxed about sleep in general so that you start enjoying the stage that you're in.

You have so much power to totally overhaul how the whole sleep picture is impacting you and your family, and this has nothing to do with your baby. Really!

You are that powerful, and I am going to help you tap into some serious mental strength (that's already in you, btw) so you can get back to feeling like yourself, and enjoying this stage of your life. Because that's really why you're here, isn't it?

My Qualifications

There's a lot of self-help resources on the internet, so it's crucial that you find support from trusted sources. I work as a mental health therapist for moms, I own a private practice with multiple therapists working on my team to support moms, and I offer education (like this course) online. Check out some of my qualifications here:

  • Founder, Canadian Perinatal Wellness Collective
  • PMH-C (Perinatal Mental Health - Certificate) Postpartum Support International
  • RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) with BCACC (British Columbia Association for Clinical Counsellors)
  • Masters of Arts (MA) in Counselling Psychology (The University of Victoria, Canada)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology (Whitman College, USA)
  • Online Counselling Certification (Therapy Online & The University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Maternal Mental Health Certificate (Postpartum Support International)